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Mattress In A Box Review: Molblly 14" Memory Foam Mattress

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

For memory foam mattress users who are looking for an extremely breathable, plush new bed, one of the Molblly 14-inch cooling-gel memory foam mattress in a box mattresses may be the way to go.

Molblly Mattress In A Box On A Bed Frame

These beds are designed with four layers of foam, some soft to make the bed as comfortable as possible, some firm to provide the support you need in the places you need it most. These layers are alternated for maximum comfort and support. In addition, this mattress in a box comes with a soft cover that can be removed and wash to make cleaning as easy as possible.

The foam in this bed is designed to be as breathable as it can possibly be, keeping you sleeping temperature perfect at all times. The foam allows for continuous airflow to accomplish that breathability.

While this bed is designed to be extremely plush, it is also built with no-sink support foams that ensure you don’t just feel like you are being swallowed by the mattress. It is also designed with motion reducing technology that is absolutely necessary if you are sharing your bed with a spouse.

The foam this mattress is composed of is CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, guaranteeing that it is safe from heavy medals and dangerous chemicals.

In addition to the quality foam and engineering that has gone into making this bed as comfortable as possible, it also ships to your door as a mattress in a box, allowing for exceedingly easy setup and allowing you to move the bed around without the hassle of having to handle a full sized mattress.

Better yet, it includes a 10-year warranty and professional support that can help you feel even better about your new purchase.

Memory foam mattress in a box layers

What are customers saying about this mattress in a box?

Amazon reviewers mostly agree that this is a fantastic purchase for the price, especially if an extremely soft bed is what you are looking for. One reviewer even said that she and her husband are finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because the mattress is so comfortable.

The same user said that despite Molblly’s suggestion that users let the mattress expand for at least 72 hours, the bed seemed fully expanded and ready to use in just a day after being taken out of the box. She said “11/10 would buy this bed again.”

Even though this bed is supposed to be extremely plush, people who had never used such a soft mattress seemed to enjoy this one. That seems to be because of the firmer layer of foam just below the extremely plush top layer.

This acts as a kind of platform to the top layer, ensuring you don’t sink into the bed too far and providing the support that is also important to getting the perfect night of rest. One user described that the back injury that kept them up at night before is no longer a problem.

Because the bed is so soft, they were able to sleep through the entire night for the first time in years, waking up in the same position they fell asleep in.

Even for larger customers, this bed seems to function the same way it does for those that would be considered average height and weight, as iterated in a review titled “Review from a plus size woman- Like sleeping on a cloud.”

The mattress functioned the same way for her as it did for other users, the soft top layer providing extreme comfort while the other layers below it provided her support. The foam also seemed to be dense and springy enough to return to its original shape after each use. This review is a good example of how this bed could be a fantastic option for people of all sizes.

The one issue reported by several users, other than those who thought the bed was too plush, was that the corners didn’t fully expand when they set up the bed after taking it out of the box.

This issue seemed to be easily solved by other users, who simply removed the outer liner in order to give the corners more room to expand.

Molblly Mattress In A Box Top FAQs

Several users asked similar questions, all of which had easy answers and some of which were answered by Molblly themselves. One was on what kind of bedframe this bed would fit into.

The dimensions of each size bed, from twin to king, are easy to find online, and Molblly says this mattress will pair with pretty much every type of bed frame that aligns with these dimensions, including box springs, slatted bedframes, and even adjustable beds.

Another user was concerned that putting a mattress cover on the bed would affect the cooling gel. That issue was addressed by two different users who said they put on a cover without compromising on comfort whatsoever.

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