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Mattress In A Box Review: Casper Sleep Wave Foam Mattress

Updated: Apr 13

The Casper Sleep wave foam mattress is designed with comfort and support in mind. The five unique layers of foam in this bed are designed specifically to give you a better, more restful night of sleep.

To put you even more at ease, each of these beds is made from up to 121 recycled plastic bottles, so they are much more sustainable and better for the planet than many other options.

Casper Sleep Wave Mattress On Bed Frame

The first layer of foam making up this memory foam mattress is a layer of cooling gel and AirScape breathable foam. Both of these compounds are designed with heat dispersal in mind, keeping you cool while you sleep.

The next layer is another layer of AirScape alone, with tiny holes in the foam that help expel body heat. A third layer of AirScape foam is next, with three separate zones that serve different purposes based on what part of your body rests on this part of the mattress.

This layer is softer under the shoulders and firmer around the hips, waist and lower back. This provides maximum support where you need it and extreme comfort where you don’t.

The fourth layer provides more gel pods under the waist and a reinforcing layer of slightly firmer foam everywhere else. Finally, a durable base layer of memory foam prevents the feeling of sinking too far into the bed.

All of these layers of memory foam are designed to work together to help people feel less achy when they wake up and get better sleep when they go to bed.

Because of the position and firmness of the different zones, this bed can be comfortably used by people in all sleeping positions. Best yet, this Casper mattress includes a 100-night trial with free returns.

Caper Sleep Wave Mattress Foam Layers

What are customers saying about the Casper Sleep Wave Mattress?

While this product has received a limited number of reviews on Amazon, coming in at only ten, it has hundreds on Casper’s website, whose users gave it mostly good reviews. One described it as cloud like, another saying that it is worth every penny.

A third reviewer titled their review “Let yourself get used to it! You’ll be glad you did!” This point was echoed by a few more of this mattress’s reviewers, as it seems people are needing a few nights to get used to the softer and firmer zones. Most people seem to enjoy it once they are adjusted, though.

Several more users talked about the way this mattress helped their back and hip pain, which again could be due to the different firmness levels found in the different areas of this bed.

One user said that they were concerned the bed would be too firm but that their back and hip aches have been all but eliminated. Other users talked about chronic neck pain, knee pain, and even full body pain being helped by simply switching to sleeping in this bed.

Other users marveled at the motion isolation provided by this bed. While most memory foam beds claim to reduce motion across the bed, some beds are simply not as good as others.

For anyone who has this high on their list of priorities for their new bed, users of this mattress found the motion isolation to be fantastic. Several People commented on it in their reviews, but one reviewer summed it up, saying “My husband also tosses and turns all night and I barely feel him move now which helps me get more rest.”

The one downside to this mattress’s design is exactly what so many people like about it; the different comfort zones seem to be perfect for the majority of users but fall in the wrong place for others. For example, one user said that they are 5’6” and find that the cushioned and stiff sections of this mattress hit them in the wrong place.

For this person, the firmer section designed to support your back felt like a bar across the bed. Though this is a problem, it can probably be fixed, at least for most people, by simply trying this bed out in a store before purchasing. No bed is perfect for everyone, and this one is no exception.

Casper Sleep Wave Mattress Material

Casper Sleep Wave Mattress Top FAQs

Since this item seems to be new, or at least not commonly purchased, on Amazon, there are no questions asked by users on that platform so far. However, Casper’s website contains a long list of FAQ on every subject from payment method to return policy.

To start a return or exchange process, most small items can be dealt with online, where a shipping label allows you to return things like bedding, pillows, etc. For larger items, like this mattress, you would need to call Casper’s customer support. Answers to most potential questions can be found right on Casper’s own website though.

Casper Sleep Wave Mattress On A Bed Frame

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