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Mattress In A Box Review: Live and Sleep Full Gel Memory Foam

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Mattress in a box review: Live and Sleep

For people looking for anything from a new twin bed for the guest room to a new California king for the master, the Live and Sleep memory foam mattress in a box gets the job done. With its foam construction, medium firmness level, cooling technology, and more, this mattress is sure to live up to its expectations as a quality product while staying gentle on the bank account.

This mattress in a box is designed to provide a medium firm level of cushion, making it great for anyone looking for that sweet spot between rock solid firm and overly plush. It is also equipped with cooling technology that helps regulate temperature while you sleep.

The three layers of gel allow for natural circulation that can help you get a better night’s sleep. Live and Sleep has also designed this mattress to with their Advanced High Density Support Base that gets rid of any pesky pressure points and can cut down on the amount of time spent tossing and turning while increasing support.

Even though most users use these mattresses for years and recommend them to friends and family, this mattress comes with a 30-night trial and 20-year warranty. With this trial period you are able to try out the mattress before making a decision, and the warranty is longer than most other mattresses at the same price point.

A twin mattress in a box in this style starts at under $300 on Amazon, a Queen at under $600. For a mattress with this amount of engineering and with these warranties included, these prices are a steal.

Many quality mattresses come in at double the price. It is also shipped rolled up, making unpacking and setup as easy as possible for this mattress in a box.

For people looking for a foam mattress in a box that isn’t overly soft, this seems to be a perfect option. It is a nice balance between mattresses that are designed to be stiff and those that are designed only to be as plush and soft as possible. This also makes it great for people who like to sleep on their side.

What do customers say about Live and Sleep mattress?

Firm mattresses tend to be good for people who sleep on their stomach or back, but for those who sleep on their sides, a slightly softer mattress is a better bet. One Amazon reviewer talked about how she enjoys a very firm mattress while her boyfriend would “sleep on the floor every night if he could.” Even for people who like the opposite ends of the softness spectrum, they both loved this mattress.

One user described how the soft top allows alleviation of pressure on the points that contact the bed (like your shoulder and hip) and that they felt no pressure or pain even sleeping on the bed for the first few nights.

Even though it does seem to alleviate pressure, this Live and Sleep foam mattress in a box is certainly not too soft. Most people seemed to think it trended more toward the firm or medium-firm end of the spectrum.

Interestingly, several people who use this mattress iterated the same point; that it takes a few nights to get used to this bed. For whatever reason, it seems that people struggle to sleep well for the first few nights that they have their new bed.

With that said, they also report sleeping better than they ever have after that adjustment period. So, though this mattress may seem uncomfortable at first for some consumers, it does seem to grow on people. And others never report this problem at all, skipping the discomfort and simply raving about how comfortable this bed is and how well they were able to sleep even on the first night of use.

Mattress in a box review

Like many beds ordered online now, this mattress ships to you in a box, allowing for fantastically easy installation. Mattresses shipped in a box are much easier to maneuver through the house, and since they easily fit through doorways, they can be set up right in the bedroom.

Some mattresses take days to decompress, but this one seems to do so very quickly. Most people who bought this mattress seemed to give it at least a full day to inflate, but reported that it looked ready to use in much less time than that.

Most of the reoccurring questions about this mattress were regarding how firm it really is. Most people report that it is falls on either the medium or medium-firm level of cushioning. Another popular question was about how long it would take for the mattress to start getting lumpy or compressing to form body impressions.

Evidently, these mattresses are compression tested over 100,000 times, equivalent to 10 years of sleeping, with no body impressions forming. These mattresses are also made with CertiPUR-US certified foam, proving durability and consistency.

If the Live and Sleep Mattress In A Box sounds like the right mattress for you, get it now on Amazon.

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