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Mattress In A Box Review: Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Updated: Apr 13

Though the Layla Sleep copper infused memory foam mattress in a box is a bit farther toward the luxury mattress price bracket, it still comes in at under $1000 for a queen. It is not uncommon to spend several thousand dollars on a mattress, so this price is still well below the big name brand price point.

That said, this mattress in a box has everything its more expensive counterparts offer, and more. And better yet, these beds are made right here in the USA.

Layla Mattress In A Box Review

The memory foam this mattress is made of is infused with copper, allowing for extremely effective temperature regulation. The copper in the memory foam is designed to cool you down as you sleep, giving you more restful sleep.

In addition to helping regulate temperature, the copper in this mattress aids in support, so you feel rested in the morning regardless of your sleeping position. In addition to being copper-cooled, the cover of this mattress helps distribute and disperse heat, again ensuring you get a cool night’s sleep.

To make things even better, this mattress can be flipped, with each side offering a different level of firmness depending on what you prefer. One side is medium soft while the other is firm, so anyone who isn’t sure what will give them the best sleep can experiment with both sides of this mattress.

As with other beds with two levels of firmness, this one could be the perfect choice for a guest room. Why subject guests who enjoy a firm bed to one that is, at least for them, excruciatingly soft? This bed allows you to be the best host you can be, since you can flip the mattress to each guest’s preference.

What are customers saying about the Layla Mattress in a box?

Amazon buyers and reviewers seem to love this bed. In yet another reason flippable mattresses may be the best way to go, one user described buying two of the Twin XL size to make a California King.

Since this reviewer enjoys a soft bed while their partner likes sleeping on a firm mattress, they put the mattresses together with opposite sides facing up to accommodate both of their preferences. Since this is obviously the same mattress, it is incredibly easy to do this without worrying about buying two different mattresses that could be slightly different heights, lengths, etc. Since you can use the same mattress for two very different purposes, it makes putting two Twin XLs together as easy as possible.

Because this is a copper-infused memory foam mattress, it seems to be both supportive and comfortable enough for people who sleep in all types of positions. From side sleepers to those who sleep on their back or stomach, everyone seems to be able to find a way to get comfortable on this bed.

It seems to have helped several reviewers with back pain regardless of how they typically sleep. In addition to being supportive and cooling, this bed is also designed to minimize the amount of movement felt by the person on the other side of the bed.

Though some mattresses take a few nights, or longer, to get used to, this one seems to be ideal for some users from the very beginning. One reviewer described this mattress giving them the “best sleep ever” and went on to say that it was comfortable from the first night they used it.

Instead of waiting around to get used to the bed, it seems to work for a long list of different sleeping positions and people. Several users have used this bed on an adjustable frame, and report it being comfortable and functional even on an adjustable bed.

Memory Foam Mattress In A Box

Though this mattress in a box is a perfect fit for some people, it seemed that it just wasn’t the right choice for a few users. The firm side seemed to be firmer than people were expecting, especially since it is characterized as medium firm. Because of this, some people ordered it expecting that level of firmness and were surprised (and largely disappointed) to discover that the firm side is slightly firmer than advertised.

That said, if you do like a firm mattress this may still be the way to go. And even if you don’t, simply reading a few reviews can help you figure out for yourself whether the level of firmness this mattress provides is right for you.

Questions asked by several potential buyers were easily answered. One common question was on the trial period. Though some companies only offer this kind of benefit for people who purchase directly from the company, Layla Sleep offers this service even if the mattress is purchased on Amazon.

Another question about this mattress in a box was regarding its weight limit. According the person who answered, the limit is 800 pounds, more than enough to be a suitable option for almost every couple.

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