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Mattress In A Box Review: Inofia Mattress

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Inofia Mattress In A Box on a slatted base

The Inofia mattress in a box mattress is a fantastic choice for anyone looking at buying a hybrid mattress rather than one that is made entirely from foam. This mattress is available in sizes ranging from twin to queen, and thicknesses of 10 or 12 inches. With so many different sizes and thicknesses to choose from, this is a great mattress for nearly any application.

Since this is a hybrid mattress in a box, it is made of a pocketed coil support core topped by a minimum of 2 inches of memory foam. The internal coils provide support for the body and a springiness not typically found in memory foam mattresses, while the memory foam top provides the comfort and plush feel that memory foam mattress users have become accustomed to.

This mattress is incredibly breathable, since it is covered in knitted fabric that helps release moisture and can regulate temperature while you sleep. It is also equipped with motion isolation technology that allows for even more comfort.

While comfort is, without question, the most important thing people look for when buying a new mattress, it is certainly not the only thing. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, this mattress can be shipped to you in a box much smaller than the actual mattress.

For a twin, the mattress ships in a box with dimensions nearly half the expanded mattress size, allowing for easy handling when it arrives at your door. It’s so much easier to carry around a box that is much smaller than the mattress than it is to try to jam a mattress through every doorframe and around every tight corner in your house. This bed in a box concept is genius.

White and Black Pocket Spring Mattress

What are customers saying about the Inofia Mattress In A Box ?

Amazon reviewers seem to agree that the shipping method is incredibly effective, with one review titled “Much more mattress than I expected.” This reviewer describes how the mattress started expanding immediately upon being taken out of the box. For this reviewer, the mattress was ready to be used the same day it arrived at her house.

Other reviewers reiterated the same point, most seemingly amazed at how quickly this mattress de-compresses, and most being able to use it either the same day as it arrived or the next night.

One user even claimed that the mattress was sleep-ready in just 15 minutes. Regardless, waiting around for days to wait for the mattress to expand to its full size doesn’t seem like an issue at all with this mattress.

Another point brought up many times in the reviews section for this mattress is its value. With the queen coming in at under $500 on Amazon right now, this is a relatively affordable mattress for anyone in the market for a more restful night.

One Amazon reviewer titled their review “better than you think it could be for the price”, adding that they were impressed with the mattresses comfort and support. This user bought this mattress after using a much more expensive one for years, and said that they would never switch back to the more expensive mattress after trying this one.

This point was echoed by several other users, all of whom found the mattress very comfortable, all agreeing that it is a fantastic price for what you get.

Layers Of A Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress In A Box

While some mattresses are designed to be relatively, or extremely, soft or firm, this mattress in a box seems to fall right in the middle. Several reviewers brought up that point, with one describing it as “a real Goldilocks mattress.” It seems to fall right in the sweet spot for most people; not too firm, but not too soft either.

In addition to these points, the Inofia mattrss in a box seems to do a great job evenly distributing weight across the entire surface of the bed. Even a user who says they weigh over 400 pounds marveled at the lack of pressure points felt when sleeping on this mattress and went on to say that it doesn’t sag in the middle the way their previous mattress did.

On the other end of the spectrum, a user who weighs 125 pounds said essentially the same thing. This user also said they have struggled with hip and shoulder pain, and this mattress may have helped alleviate some of that. This mattress seems to be a great choice for people of any weight.

While you can pretty much spend as much as you want on a mattress these days, the Inofia hybrid innerspring mattress in a box seems to be the perfect choice for anyone on a budget who is looking for that perfect balance of soft comfort and supportive firmness.

A mattress shipped in a box

It ships as a mattress-in-a-box nearly half its expanded size and decompresses much more quickly than you may think. Its overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves, but this mattress is a great option for anyone in the market for a budget mattress.

If the Inofia Mattress sounds like the right mattress for you, get it now on Amazon.

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