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Mattress In A Box Review: Avenco Starry 14” Memory Foam Mattress

Updated: Apr 13

For those who may not know exactly what firmness they are looking for in a new mattress, the Avenco Starry memory foam mattress in a box may be the perfect choice.

This bed features some relatively rare technology that make it incredibly versatile, regardless of your preference or the purpose of this bed.

The main thing setting this mattress apart from its competition is its ability to be transformed from one level of stiffness to another simply by adding or removing the memory foam toppers that are included with the purchase of this bed.

Using these toppers, three different levels of firmness can be used, from medium firm to plush. When the toppers are removed, they can be used in many different ways, including as a sleeping mat, yoga mat, folding stool, and more.

If you simply want to tuck away the unused toppers, they also fold up to a third their original size, making them easy to put in the back of a closet and forget about.

In addition to this novel technology, the Avenco mattress includes all of the other features you would expect from a new bed.

It provides plenty of comfort at each of its levels of firmness along with support where you need it and breathable foam that keeps you from getting too warm while you sleep. The foam in this bed is Certi-PUR-US certified, confirming the quality and safety of the foam.

In addition to the simple fact that this is a great product, it is also backed by a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year full support help from Avenco.

The warranty combined with the trial period can ensure not only that you love the product you are buying, but that you have access to support if you need it. This mattress also ships directly to you in a box less than a third the size of the expanded mattress, making installation extremely easy.

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What are customers saying about this mattress?

Amazon reviewers raved about the comfort of this mattress. Since the firmness of each side of the bed is adjusted totally independently of the other side, people who share their bed with a partner seem to love the adjustability.

One reviewer said that her and her husband preferred different firmness in their mattress choice, but that this bed allowed both of them to have exactly what they wanted out of a mattress.

This could be an important feature since there are a lot of couples out there with very different bed preferences. No more compromising a good night’s sleep to spend the night with your loved one.

As already highlighted, this bed is shipped to you in a box much smaller than the expanded mattress, making it much easier to set up and start enjoying. While some users had issues getting their bed set up effectively, especially with corners not expanding the way they are supposed to.

One reviewer took it on themselves to find a solution to this problem and did so relatively easily. Since the foam that makes up this mattress is wrapped in fabric, this user flipped the mattress upside down and unzipped the outer layer of fabric.

This gave the corners space to expand and, the user claims, “the corners formed very quickly.” So, this potential problem described by several reviewers can be avoided using this simple trick.

While some reviewers were solving problems for other potential buyers, others were simply marveling at the comfort and good sleep they started getting after purchasing this mattress. People seem to agree that the balance of support and comfort provided by this mattress is fantastic, one adding that the quality foam in the bed helps keep them cool.

While most decent mattresses have plenty of people agreeing on their comfort, some seem to take some time to get used to. Not so with this bed.

Every reviewer that commented on the adjustment period said that they were able to sleep well on this bed right away, possibly a testament to the adjustability of the firmness.

For those who already know what they prefer, layers of foam can be added or removed to make the first night perfect. But for anyone who may be unsure, or even just those who want to do a little experimenting, the sleep you’ve been looking for is still attainable with this memory foam mattress.

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Avenco Mattress Top FAQs

Unlike with some other mattress FAQs, Avenco themselves was able to answer every question posed by Amazon users. One common question was on how exactly the firmness is adjusted.

This is done by simply adding or removing the included foam toppers to the bed until you are satisfied. Another question was on whether or not this mattress needed to be used with a box spring. Avenco says no, this mattress can be paired with any bed frame, or even just left on the floor.

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